Coins of Maria Theresa and Francis of Lorraine

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Mária TeréziaMaria Theresa (* 13 May 1717, Vienna - † 29 November 1780, Vienna). Maria Theresa was certainly the most important woman of the Habsburg dynasty and a key figure in 18th century politics. The world still knows her as a queen, empress, duchess, enlightened ruler and reformer. She was the daughter of Charles VI. Habsburg and Elisabeth Kristína Brunšvicko - wolfenbüttelská. Along with the crown, Maria Theresa also inherited problems. The state of the monarchy she took over from her father Karol was unhappy. Maria Theresa began by building an army, which she came under a unified leadership and equipped with new technology. With the same determination, she devoted herself to the internal politics and administration of her country. It was surrounded by educated advisers, and they were the ones who initiated many reforms. Health care, education, the judiciary, the army and several parts of the economy were reformed. As a result, the level of the state improved and handed over a strong modern country to its successor, his son Joseph II.


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