Coins of Francis Joseph I. - Conventional and crown currency

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František Jozef I.Francis Joseph I. b. in August 1830 in Vienna. Žofia's mother raised him as a future emperor from an early age. On December 2, 1848, Francis Joseph's uncle, Emperor Ferdinand I, abdicated, and Francis Joseph's father, Francis Charles, renounced his succession in favor of his son. Francis Joseph became emperor at the age of 18 and remained so for 68 years until 1916. At the time of his accession to the imperial throne, many national riots and revolutions raged in the kingdom. Franz Jozef and the Austrian army succeeded in spacifying the revolution and rehabilitating Austria's position of power. Francis Joseph I was married to Princess Elizabeth of Bavaria, nicknamed Sissi (1837 - 1898), but the marriage was not happy and the couple became estranged. In the 1960s, Elizabeth was considered the most beautiful ruler in the world. She probably suffered from depression and anorexia. A huge shock for her was the suicide of her son Rudolf, who probably inherited a tendency to depression from her mother. At the end of the life of Francis Joseph I, World War I broke out (1914), during which he died on November 21, 1916 in Vienna.


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