Mathew II. (1608-1619)

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Matej II. HabsburskýMatthew II Habsburg (1557-1619) was the Austrian archduke, Hungarian (since 1608) and Czech king (since 1611), German king and Roman emperor (since 1612), son of Emperor Maximilian II. Habsburg and Mary of Spain. Rudolf II. resigned from the government in 1608 in favor of Brother Matthew II. For Matthew II. up to 17 types of currency were minted. Namely 15, 10, 5, 3, 2 and 1 ducats and for the first time also thirds of ducats. Of silver 5, 4, 3, double thalers and thaler, then half thaler and quarter tolar. Groschen, denarii and obole were also minted. Money of Matthew II. are considered the most beautiful currency from the first half of the 17th century. Large multiples of the ducats were minted from thalers dies. 11 years of simple ducats were minted in Kremnica. On most of the ducats is the figure of the monarch in armor on the reversal of the Madonna, some of the ducats depict the king in a cloak and since 1611 the Madonna is irradiated with sunlight. Double ducats were minted in 1614 and 1617, five times 1612, ten times 1616 and fifteen times ducats 1617.


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