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The NUMIZMATIK.EU online store offers you Slovak commemorative and collector coins, sets of circulation coins, war coins of the Slovak Republic 1939-45. Czechoslovak commemorative coins, Czechoslovak circulation coins. Czech commemorative coins, vintage coin sets, coins of Austria-Hungary, Francis Joseph I, Ferdinand V, Francis I, Leopold II, Joseph II, Mary Theresa, Francis of Lorraine, Charles VI, Joseph I, Leopold I ., Ferdinand III., Ferdinanda II., Matej II., Rudolf II., Maximilian II., Ferdinand I. Coins from the period of elected kings of Louis II., Wladislav II., Matej Korvín, Ladislav V., Johanes Hunyadi, Wladislav I ., Albert, Sigismund of Luxembourg, Mary of Anjou, Louis I, Charles Robert of Anjou. gold coins, euro coins, coins from around the world.


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