Slovak commemorative coins, coin sets and SR 1939-45

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Slovak silver commemorative and collector coins issued by the National Bank of Slovakia according to the issuance plan in denominations of 10 Euros and 20 Euros in proof quality and in ordinary quality. Coins are issued on different anniversaries and occasions. The minting in most cases was carried out by the Kremnica Mint. Annual sets of circulation coins issued since 1993 by the National Bank of Slovakia with various motifs. Later, the Kremnica Mint took them over into its issuance plan. The collector's set of circulation coins always contains valid coins and a thematic token, it is made in ordinary or proof quality. Coins of the War of the Slovak Republic 1939 - 45 in nominal value 5 haliers, 10 haliers, 20 haliers, 50 haliers, 1 crown, 5 crowns, 10 crowns, 20 crowns, 50 crowns.


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