Goods reclaim

Pridané: 10.3.2021 14:27.50

10 Marec 2021

If the goods purchased in our online shop do not match your expectations you can return them without explanation within 14 days as set by law.

The goods that you have decided to return, you can deliver to us by mail, respectively. courier. In any case, do not send us items to be paid in cash on delivery. We will send the money for the returned goods to you by transfer to your bank account after checking the goods.

If you have received goods that are damaged, non-functional or suffer from another defect, you have the opportunity to complain about it. We are obliged by law to assess and handle complaints within 30 days of receiving the claimed goods, but we always try to assess complaints as soon as possible so that you can satisfactorily use the purchased goods.

You can send the goods you request to complain to us by courier, resp. by post. In any case, do not send us items to be paid in cash on delivery.


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