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Chcete byť o všetkom informovaný v súvislosti s novinkami v našom webshope, prihláste sa k odberu noviniek e-mailom - Newsletter.

Thanks to the Newsletter service, we will keep you informed about news in our online store. If you want to be informed not only about the new goods on display, but also about current stock exchanges, auctions and collectors' meetings, register for the newsletter by e-mail.


Registering to receive news by e-mail is easy:


- Either edit the "Newsletter" box at the bottom of your profile by checking the box.

- or in the left column below there is a window "Newsletter - subscribe to our news", where you just enter the e-mail where the news should come,

- or write me an e-mail and I will set it up for you directly in your profile.


I would like to ask you to check the entered e-mail addresses so that the mailing is not returned to us as undelivered, due to incorrect e-mail addresses or as SPAM when spam filtering is turned on.


Užívatelia mailových služieb portálu ZOZNAM.SK majú filtrovanú poštu, z tohto dôvodu sa im náš mailing nedoručí, a vracia sa nám späť. Je potrebné mať správne nastavené spamové filtre.




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